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Our Services

Parenting Classes

From ages birth to 12, our parenting videos & classes provide you with the knowledge to discipline your child according to their age & behavior.

Pregnancy classes

From your first trimester to your delivery day, HopePlace Warren has all the information you need to help make your pregnancy the easiest and safest for you and your baby.

Life skills

In our Life Skills Classes, you will learn some very important Skills needed as you move forward with your new life. Some Life Skills included are:

* Budgeting

* Job Interviews

* Creating Resumes 

Bible Studies

Dig deeper into God's word to discover His plan for you and better understand who He has called YOU to be.

** We are a faith based organization, but we do not force our beliefs. However, our curriculum does include Bible Studies.**


Our Earn While You Learn program allows our clients to do lessons and earn points to spend in our "Baby Store". Our store is stocked with diapers, wipes, medicine, car seats, and gently used baby items. 

** Please let us know about donation items you may have & we will let you know when/where to drop them off. DO NOT leave items at the door; they will ruin.**


Learn more about the Adoption Option with our resources and information in center. It is important to know all of your options before making a forever decision.




If you or a loved one is considering an abortion or has had an abortion, we have resources, recovery, and information for you. It is important to know all of your options before making your decision. Take time to schedule an appointment to come in and discuss all of your options.

Girls Group

From ages 9-19, we offer a support system of women & young girls alike to dig deeper into our calling, our purpose, dealing with bullying, becoming a woman, modesty, protecting our bodies, & what God's plan is for our best life.

** We do not force our beliefs, however, all of our self-worth/purity lessons are Faith based studies.**


We do not make decisions for you. We are here to mentor you with advice from personal experiences and to love and encourage you through whatever decisions are made; good or bad. 
We are not a medical center. 


- 1-800-712-4357 -

Text "HELPLINE" to 


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