Unplanned Pregnancy... Abortion minded?

We have options and resources. Take time to reach out to us to learn all of your options. We have information for you. 

Pregnancy Classes:

From the first trimester to your delivery day, HopePlace Warren has all the information you need to help make your pregnancy the easiest and safest for you and your baby.

Parenting Classes:

From birth through age 12 our parenting classes help give you the knowledge to discipline your child the best way according to age and behavior.

Life Skills:

Our Life Skills are a mixture of life skills needed. We are constantly adding to the list of things we educate you about. Some of the skills are listed below:

*How to live on a budget and overcome debt

*How to fill out job applications

*Creating a resume

*Mock interviews to prepare you for job interviews

*How to dress for an interview

& the list goes on and on.


We DO provide free confidential pregnancy testing. We DO NOT provide ultrasounds or other clinical care. We encourage you to seek prenatal care from professionals. "Baby bucks" are credits that are rewarded being apart of our EARN While You Learn program.  Clients EARN points towards purchasing items in our "Baby Store". The Baby Store has gently used or new items that mothers/fathers need for their babies birth-age 3. We also give clients credit for bringing Pregnancy appointment cards, their church bulletins with their notes written on them, if their church doesn't have a bulletin the pastor can sign their sermon notes that the client took during his sermon. (This will be verified by a staff member.)

Bible Studies:

Dig deeper in God's word to discover His plan and purpose for your life. This is sometime very uncomfortable for our clients. Please know this is done at a slow pace for those that are uncomfortable. We understand that and thrive to help you feel comfortable so you can learn more about how awesome our God is.  

Purity Classes:

Grades 6th through 12th grade, we teach these young students about what the Bible says about sex, STD's, pregnancy and the importance of abstinence before marriage. They will learn about God's plan for marriage and discover God's unfailing grace and redemption. 


We do not make decisions for the clients, we are here to mentor you with advice from personal experiences. Decisions are made by the clients at their own free will. We are here to love and encourage them through whatever decisions are made the good and the bad. 


Yes, we are a faith based organization, but we do not force our beliefs. However, our curriculum program does include Bible studies. 


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